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For the aspiring young singer
Pursue your passion
Do you have a child/teen with a passion for singing and performing who would like to take their skills to the next level through weekly voice lessons?
Are you looking for a program that specializes in musical theatre and popular styles while also emphasizing strong musicianship and foundational skills?
Would a well-structured, progressive, and individualized program suit your ambitious and motivated young singer?
Do you hope to invest in a high quality music education that will continue to serve your child/teen over their lifetime?
If so... keep reading to learn more!
Innovative and progressive
At The Voice Studio, students work in small groups (3-4 students) as well as one-on-one in order to benefit from both learning formats!
How you'll benefit
Small group One-on-One
Weekly sessions with 3-4 students working at the same level Monthly sessions customized to suit your learning
Opportunity for creative collaboration Opportunity to focus on training specific to the student
Increased motivation through peer interaction Time to explore, discover, and develop self-awareness
Encouragement & support through shared experience Ability to tackle unique challenges quickly and efficiently
Advancement of aural skills through singing with others *Your one-on-one lesson takes place once a month, directly before or after your regular weekly class. Ten minutes of each lesson are reserved for a parent/teacher consultation to discuss student development, practice habits, goals, and upcoming studio projects.
Discover your potential
Increase your book of repertoire so that you are always ready for your next audition, or performance
Learn how to sing with accurate pitch, clarity of diction, and consistent tone throughout your entire range
Learn how to warm up your voice and develop consistent practice routines
Build confidence and improve your performance skills with a focus on acting, expression, and characterization in your pieces
Exams, Festivals, Song Writing, Masterclasses, Recording, and more!
Does this sound like the perfect fit?
Learn more about lessons and how to register!
Consistency is the key to success.
Regular lessons and at home practice will have you acing your upcoming auditions and performances!
Build a musical foundation
academic development
Good technique is crucial to performing freely and accessing a full range of tone and dynamics. It also helps to reduce tension and prevent physically injury, allowing for a lifetime of performance and enjoyment.
Everyone wants to have a repertoire of pieces they can perform for family, auditions, or for their own satisfaction! At The Voice Studio, students study a variety of styles and genres to suit their goals.
aural/reading skills
Improving the ability to read, recognize, and differentiate between various pitches, intervals, chords, and rhythms increases your understanding of music and helps you learn pieces more quickly.
Preparing for an exam provides excellent motivation for mastering technique and repertoire, and is a great way to receive valuable feedback and assessment of your skills.
Learning to play the piano and having an understanding of the keyboard can be incredible assets to the singer. At The Voice Studio, piano studies are an important part of each lesson and help students to develop skills in self-accompaniment, music reading, and song writing.
All students study theory in their practical lessons as part of a complete musical education and to aid in music literacy. Understanding the theory behind the music helps students make sense of it all and reinforces note reading and ear training fundaments.
Explore your creative side
creative development
Not only is recording incredibly fun, it also requires consideration of who you are as an artist. Recording the repertoire you've learned throughout the year provides a wonderful memory and benchmark of your learning thus far; and listening back to your recordings is one of the best learning tools available!
music writing
Writing a piece of music is a terrific way to apply your musical knowledge and get your creative juices flowing. Many students at the studio have even received provincial and national scholarships for their compositions! With music writing, the sky's the limit!
Being able to perform your music expressively is truly the pinnacle of the musical experience. What story are you trying to tell? What emotions is your character experiencing? Learn how to paint a picture for your listener and take them on the journey with you.
Share the musical spirit
social development
group sessions
Weekly small group sessions are an integral part of learning at The Voice Studio! Research has shown that students who learn together are more likely to come away with a deeper understanding of the material. Group lessons also provide a sense of community and camaraderie and are pivotal to the shared experience of making music!
The Voice Studio hosts two studio recitals each year for students to perform for family, friends, and community. Recitals are a wonderful way for students to gain confidence as performers in a comfortable and supportive environment. They also provide an opportunity to showcase new skills and be inspired by hearing fellow musicians perform.
Participating in a music festival is a terrific way to share your musical spirit! It provides an opportunity to practice performance skills and gain feedback and encouragement from a knowledgeable adjudicator. What better way to hear a variety of repertoire, and be motivated and inspired to achieve your best!
Meet your teacher
Welcome to The Voice Studio!

I'm Ms. Rachelle, and I love teaching and sharing my passion for music with children and youth! I find great excitement in discovering what inspires each student, and guiding them in reaching their musical potential.

Whether it's achieving the top mark in the province on an examination, winning a scholarship for a song they've written, being accepted into an acclaimed arts program, or even landing a coveted role on the professional stage; I take great pride in watching my students find success and build confidence!

I understand the importance of music education, and am grateful for the opportunity I've been given to work with young people in this community. I'm organized, goal-driven, and approach each lesson with enthusiasm and optimism. I love exploring with students the different facets of being a musician and how to develop their inner artist!

As a performer, I've had the wonderful experience of traveling the world singing jazz on cruise ships! Although my days are currently filled entertaining my three young daughters, I Iove to rehearse, write music, record, and perform at local venues. I also enjoy researching the latest teaching resources and techniques, making for effective and engaging lessons.

I look forward to getting to know you as well!

Ms. Rachelle
MMus Ed., B.Mus., Dip. Mus.The.
Voice Studio shout outs!
Here’s what students and graduates are up to!
Students awarded Gold Medals and Medals of Excellence for the highest marks in the province achieved on voice exams!
Hundreds of dollars awarded annually in student scholarships from participation in festivals, music writing competitions and exams!
Students performing at the professional level on national stages including The Stratford Festival Theatre, The Grand Theatre London, The Huron Country Playhouse, The Drayton Festival Theatre, Dunfield Theatre Cambridge, and The Neptune Theatre Halifax!
Students working professionally in film and tv, including appearances on CBC Kids; and voice work in animation and children's programming!
Students accepted into post-secondary music and performing arts programs including Western University, Queens University, Humber College, Mohawk College, St Clair College, and The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts!
Student involvement in community and educational arts programs including Original Kids, Amabile Choirs, Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts, St. Mary's Choir and Orchestra school, Preschool of the Arts, The High School Project at The Grand Theatre, performances at the McManus Theatre, and the London Fringe Festival!
Be successful at your music exams year after year, and feel the pride that comes with accomplishing great things!
Did you know?
Here are answers to some frequently asked questions!
The Voice Studio offers the perfect foundation and preparation for teens interested in studying musical theatre, jazz, or popular music at the post-secondary level!
Students can get high school credit for their voice exams! Level 8 Voice & Theory qualifies for a Grade 12 music credit, and Level 7 Voice & Theory qualifies as a Grade 9-11 music credit.
Students who know they’re going to be away a particular week can send videos of themselves performing their repertoire and technique for feedback during their lesson time!
Students are welcome to join their lessons via Zoom anytime they need due to illness or transportation issues.
Lessons begin after Labour Day in September and wrap up in early May. The studio is closed for 2 weeks in December and 1 week for March Break.
Auditions for the studio are accepted year round! However, enrollments generally only happen in September.
The Voice Studio follows all provincial guidelines pertaining to Covid-19 and is able to make any adjustments to lesson procedures and delivery as needed.
Enrol in music lessons and watch your child's confidence grow as the conquer each new challenge!
I'm always happy to chat!
Please reach out by phone (519) 641-9341 or email lessons@thevoicestudio.ca

Ms Rachelle operates her studio in a separate, soundproofed area of her home. The Voice Studio is a colourful, comfortable, bright space to inspire creativity and imagination!

Located in London, Ontario near the intersection of Sunningdale & Wonderland.
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